A couple of days ago American clothing designer Kenneth Cole posted a tweet to promote his spring line that read:

Kenneth Cole Twitter

Note that the tweet is signed “-KC,” which means that it was either penned or approved by the designer himself. After widespread outrage and several parodies on Twitter, Cole deleted the post and apologized on Facebook. While the apology was met with sarcasm and skepticism, somebody decided to take it one step further and reposted or rather re-pasted the tweet in the form of a slick decal on a KC store window in San Francisco:

Kenneth Cole Storefront SF

In the1980s-1990s culture jammers attacked billboards and TV ads to denounce the “infoxication” of our urban and media environment. By turning Joe Camel in Joe Chemo and the “Hit” of the “New Exxon” in the “Shit” of the Exxon Valdez disaster they were also exposing the kind of information corporations spend so much money on to greenwash. Contemporary culture jammers can limit themselves to return this information where it belongs.

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